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Mr. Teiger represented my interests extremely well with regard to my recent divorce. He was flexible in scheduling meetings with me, explained the process clearly and answered all my questions in detail and with patience. He provided great advice but also respected my wishes in making my own decisions. While my case was ultimately settled amicably, I had the utmost confidence that Mr. Teiger would be a fierce defender of my rights in court if negotiations with my former spouse had turned contentious. I would recommend Mr. Teiger‘s services without reservation.

Alicia L.

Tracy Teiger was an answer to prayer. After getting to meet Tracy Teiger, he was so patience and concerned about us and our daughter. Once we talked about the six counts of armed robbery. He asked us what did we want him to do. We told him and he told us what he could do and his experience in this case and the result would be very little prison time for our daughter, if any at all. After working with our case within month, he had gotten my daughter exactly what he had told us, upon the first time we talked. The plea offer allowed my daughter to plea to lesser counts, lesser crime, which is robbery by intimidation, which is months instead of years. Thank you Tracy for believing in my daughter enough to help get her life back on track.

Gaston and Maebelle R.

As a recently transplanted New Yorker, I sought the advice of Mr. Teiger regarding obtaining a power of attorney. During the course of our first meeting, the necessity of updating our wills was also discussed. Having been advised that it would prudent to not only draft more relevant documents, but to draft advance health care directives as well, we proceeded along the course recommended by Mr. Teiger, whom we now consider “our attorney”. Throughout the process, Mr. Teiger was on constant contact with us regarding information that was needed or any suggested changes that would best suit our particular needs. I found him to be not only extremely competent, but also genuinely interested in resolving our issues. If, for any reason, we require the services of an attorney in the future, it will most assuredly be Mr. Teiger. We are most fortunate to have had the benefit of his services.

Bess C.

I experienced something quite unexpected when my 83-year-old mother was committed involuntarily to Peachford Hospital. No legal documents were in place to allow me to help mom in her unfortunate circumstance. I decided that I would step forward to ensure that mom’s disposition following Peachford would be right for her. This would mean assisted living for mom, something that my father would not agree with. I needed legal advice and fast as the daily expenses at Peachford were substantial. I contacted Tracy Teiger on a Friday afternoon. I could tell over the phone that Mr. Teiger was very professional, sympathetic and articulate. He also possessed over 20 years of experience practicing family law. Mr. Teiger and I arranged a meeting for the next day, which was a Saturday. After listening to my story regarding my family history, as well as listening to my narrative of recent events with my mother, Mr. Teiger advised seeking an emergency guardianship for my mom. This would allow me to make the decisions for mom’s health care, as well as for her disposition following Peachford. Within three weeks, I had achieved my goal of emergency guardianship with Mr. Teiger‘s skilled guidance. During the same time frame, I decided that I would seek permanent guardianship and conservatorship for mom to ensure that mom would have all of her needs met on a long-term basis. Mr. Teiger assembled copious amounts of information to support my case. His attention to detail minimized the chance for any surprises during the court hearings. In the end, I was successful in becoming my mother’s guardian and conservator. I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure and a comfort to work with a consummate professional, like Tracy Teiger, during a difficult period in my life.

Scott P.

Attorney Teiger worked as a professional yet felt like a friend during one of the most difficult times of my life. He was able to meet all my needs and concerns in this divorce proceeding in a timely manner and was respectful to the other side to promote a smooth resolution to issues that could have been a problem. I highly recommend attorney Teiger to get the job done in a respectful, courteous, professional manner!

Tracy A.

Mr. Teiger did a fine job preparing wills and other documents for myself and my husband. He is also representing me in another case involving a dispute over the probate of a family member’s will. My husband and I chose Mr. Teiger to represent me based upon our first meeting with him. He impressed us as a man of integrity. I would recommend Mr. Teiger to anyone as a reliable and trustworthy attorney.

Katie P.

Mr. Teiger,

Thank you very much for your time and results. I will definitely recommend you & your firm to anyone who wants to be treated professionally courteously and needs results. Hope all is well. Again … thank you

Regards, Paul L.

I have been extremely impressed with Tracy’s work ethic and dedication to his clients. We engaged Mr. Teiger to help us with our negotiations in the selling of our business. He was very knowledgeable in discerning the quality of the proposals and offered advice to streamline the contracts to read precisely and structurally sound. I look forward to continuing our relationship as we move toward the closing date and thereafter.


Tracy Teiger has done an outstanding job representing my family in my divorce proceedings. I recommend Tracy to any family, individual or corporation seeking a competent, considerate, and astute attorney. It’s not every day that a father is awarded primary custody of his children. Tracy’s strong presence in the courtroom coupled with a clear, concise and accomplished knowledge of the law gave us a tremendous edge over the opposition. Not only was Tracy considerate of the financial & emotional burden the divorce brought to my family, but he utilized every minute and every shred of evidence to build an exceptional case. I’ve been privileged to know several accomplished attorneys over the years, but none better than Tracy Teiger. Thank you Tracy for your commendable service and invaluable support!”

Brandon S.