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Fatal accident claims life of driver in Georgia

Fatalities resulting from a car accident are often considered the worst possible outcome of such a situation. The families of fatal accident victims would likely agree with this sentiment as they often face additional difficulties in the wake of such an event, along with the loss of their loved one. Funeral arrangements and other expenses could lead to financial hardships, and filing a legal claim may be an option to consider. 

Fatal car crash results in death of Georgia man

The circumstances under which an accident takes place play a vital role in whether charges will be filed. If a fatal car crash occurs, authorities will examine all of the evidence, and, if they deem it appropriate, a driver could have allegations leveled against him or her. Additional legal action could also stem from a fatal accident if the loved ones of a victim wish to file a wrongful death claim.

Both drivers killed in Georgia fatal accident

Drivers traveling at excessive speeds may not be able to keep a vehicle under control as well as if they were traveling the speed limit. As a result, there is a higher risk that a speeding vehicle will be involved in a car accident. In some instances, that vehicle may be the only one involved in a crash, but it is also likely that another vehicle could be hit and innocent individuals could be the victims of a fatal accident.

Possible wrongful death after faulty truck part leads to fatality

Consumer goods, including motor vehicles, malfunction and/or break down from time to time. Many drivers don't actually consider the fact that a mechanical problem with a vehicle could result in a wrongful death. A faulty vehicle manufactured by Chrysler Group (now known as FCA US) has been blamed for causing a child's death and is subject to a recall throughout the country, including here in Georgia.

Man faces host of charges after fatal car crash in Georgia

There is no end to the harm that can result from a driver engaging in risky or dangerous driving practices. Georgia has its own categories of reckless driving offenses, including the charge of laying drag, which is a description for operating a vehicle in a zigzag or circular manner. One man is now accused of not only "laying drag" but also vehicular homicide after a fatal car crash.

Couple dies in fatal crash in Georigia, possible wrongful death

Alcohol and driving can be a dangerous combination. People that drink and drive significantly increase their chances of being involved in a vehicle accident. This can result in injury or even death in many instances. Unfortunately, this is what happened in a recent fatal accident in Georgia which could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Georgia driver could be found negligent re fatal accident

The death of a family member or friend is a loss like no other. While death in any form is traumatic, the grief that comes with a seemingly senseless fatal accident may only compound the suffering. One Georgia family has recently experienced just such a death.

Wrongful death filed in Georgia against filmmakers, others

The parents of a film crew member recently opted to seek their own justice for the loss of their daughter in a fatal accident. The Georgia tragedy occurred while the daughter and others were staging a scene to be filmed. The wrongful death suit was filed in the state courthouse in Chatham County. The incident took place in Wayne County. They have named several parties that they believe share responsibility for this tragic death.

2 dogs; 2 boys; 2 Georgia familes face loss due to fatal accident

Within the time frame of less than three days, two loose dogs have resulted in the deaths of two teenagers. Now, two separate Georgia families will be forever connected by one common and heartbreaking factor -- the loss of a loved one from a fatal accident. Both children died after being struck by cars.

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