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Understanding Your Rights When Determining Visitation

When families split, visitation agreements can prevent misunderstandings and undue stress for children. Georgia divorce law, in accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 19, Domestic Relations, Chapter 9, Child Custody Proceedings, requires submission of a workable visitation schedule as part of the proceedings. The court encourages joint agreements, but fixed visitation (set days and times) is also an option.

We Can Help You When Determining Visitation And Other Custody Matters

Child visitation rights are sometimes violated by a controlling ex-spouse and sometimes it is the noncustodial parent who interferes with the custodial parent’s rules or long-range plans. Georgia courts take court-ordered visitation seriously and noncompliance can be severely punished. Court orders that have been violated by not returning the child in a timely fashion or other acts of visitation noncompliance, such as not allowing visitation because of nonpayment of child support or alimony, are frowned upon as well.

If your right to visitation in Alpharetta, Cumming or anywhere in north Georgia has been denied by anyone other than a court-ordered judgment, our lawyers at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., can help you petition the Georgia courts on issues of noncompliance with court-ordered visitation.

Visitation rights can be terminated by the court if it is deemed necessary. Usually the termination is temporarily delayed until child support is paid or a rehab program completed or community service performed. Supervised visitation (often used when the noncustodial parent raises abuse or drug/alcohol concerns), when a third party acts as chaperone, allows the parent/child relationship to continue. The supervised visit, usually held at a scheduled place and time, can be monitored by an agreed-upon relative or friend or the visit can be supervised by a court-appointed trustee. Grandparent visitation is still decided on a case-by-case basis as are visitation modifications, which are sometimes necessary when residence or employment hours have changed.

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