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We Can Help You Understand The Implications Of Restraining Orders

Divorce brings a lot of emotions to the surface, and it’s important to express them in healthy ways. When one partner loses control, though, it may be time to request a restraining order, especially in cases of domestic abuse. A temporary restraining order can put a halt to stalking, placing you under surveillance or contacting you with harassing or intimidating remarks. If you reside in Georgia and have questions regarding restraining orders, the attorneys at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., can provide you with the answers you need concerning your particular case.

When Emotions Run High, It’s Important To Secure Legal Counsel

When your angry spouse refuses to leave the home in a high-asset divorce case, a hearing before a judge in civil court will decide if your spouse moves or you do. If you are the person ordered to vacate, a restraining order may help you to retrieve your personal property without confrontation. There are times when a spouse will decide not to press charges when a family violence protection order has been issued, but the prosecutor may continue with the case in criminal court, forcing you to testify anyway. There are also times when a disgruntled spouse may retaliate by seeking a restraining order under false claims.

Restraining orders can award temporary custody, support and visitation rights as well as decide which party pays for the legal costs involved. Temporary orders last up to 30 days and extended further if both parties agree. “Permanent” orders usually expire in one year, but can be extended for up to three years. Your family violence protection order is enforceable wherever you move.

We will answer your questions and step you through the process from prewarrant application form and other necessary court forms to petition for a new or extended restraining/protective order in Georgia to enforcement (including arrest) of a court-ordered decree.

Other services include, but are not limited to: bond for good behavior, ex parte temporary and emergency orders, order modification (changed, extended or canceled) and military protective orders.

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