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Prenuptial Agreement Are Not Just For Wealth Couples

Many people think that a prenuptial agreement is just for rich celebrities or those who may end up engaged in a complex, high-asset divorce. This is not true. Financial issues affect every couple in the Atlanta area, no matter what the tax bracket. Although a prenuptial agreement is worthwhile for any couple, it’s particularly helpful if one partner earns much more than the other, if at least one partner is remarrying, if one partner has a lot of debt or if one partner is a business owner. We can help you sort out the specific issues in such situations. If you need a prenuptial agreement, the Teiger Law Center, P.C., in Alpharetta and Cumming will protect your rights and interests.

What Is A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup defines the rights, duties and obligations of spouses-to-be during the marriage as well as in the event of a spouse passing away. A properly executed prenuptial agreement can avoid expensive litigation down the road, make property division easier during divorce and ensure that an estate is maintained.

Many couples hesitate to talk about a prenuptial agreement because it sounds unromantic. The truth is, a properly prepared prenuptial agreement can actually keep romance alive when estate issues arise. If you’re planning to get married in Georgia, you should have a sit-down with your intended — if possible, even before you become engaged. We can help by explaining issues and clarifying misunderstandings.

There is a myth that the courts won’t uphold prenuptial agreements. This is true only if the agreement wasn’t executed according to state laws. Issues that vary from state to state include whether the contract was entered into voluntarily, and whether the agreement was fair according to a state’s definition. Many states use some form of the 1976 Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA), but there is no one standard set of rules. A prenuptial agreement in Alpharetta needs to follow Georgia’s laws.

We Can Work Together To Protect Your Interests

Your first step is to sit down with your intended, draw up a list of assets and decide what you want your agreement to say. When it’s time to execute a prenuptial agreement, the Teiger Law Center, P.C., will make sure it’s done right.

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