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Modification Of Child Support: When You Need To Make Changes To Protect Yourself And Your Child

Whether a custodial parent or noncustodial parent, when life circumstances change due to job loss, job relocation, catastrophic illness, disability or other situation that has a profound effect on your finances, it is time to consider requesting a modification of child support. Many modifications are reached under amicable agreement and in most cases, the court honors the agreed-upon arrangements, which may include shared custody. In contested cases, a guardian ad litem may be called in to represent the best interests of the child.

We Are Committed To Protecting Your Interests

Child support, including medical insurance payments, as determined by state guidelines set forth in the Georgia Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations, is the equal responsibility of both parents. Cumming modification of child support attorney Tracy Teiger and his team of associates closely scrutinize parental income for omissions and evasions when drafting or contesting a modification petition. We know how to present each case in the best interests of our client.

We work hard to stop delay tactics such as showing up unprepared for court and asking for a continuance, and we aggressively fight for your right and your children’s right to be treated in an equitable manner. If you are having difficulty collecting Georgia court-ordered child support and/or medical insurance payments from a noncompliant parent, we can help you to petition the courts requesting that wages be garnished (regular paychecks, unemployment, workers’ compensation payments) as well as federal and/or state income tax refunds and paid directly to the collecting parent.

If you can’t pay your child support, we urge you to speak with our attorneys at Teiger Law Center, P.C. Rather than risking fines, interest, loss of license (driver’s, hunting, fishing) or incarceration for unpaid child support, a modification petition keeps you from falling into a financial hole and preserves your credit rating. You may also wish to request a reduction or increase due to remarriage or unexpected financial windfall such as lottery winnings or will beneficiary assets.

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