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Modification And Enforcement: Responding To Changed Circumstances Following A Georgia Divorce Decree

As well as terminating the legal and practical relationship of marriage, divorce often creates and defines new legal obligations that will continue for years, as in the case of child support, or even go on indefinitely, as will sometimes be the case of alimony awards. Georgia law recognizes that the financial, occupational or residential factors that led to the original child support or custody arrangements will very likely change over time, and allows for modification upon a proper showing of changed circumstances.

The enforcement provisions of family law recognize that divorced people sometimes fail to live up to their obligations to make support payments or cooperate in visitation, with or without an excuse, raising the issue that they are in contempt of court. If you need a lawyer’s advice about your rights or responsibilities on either side of an enforcement or modification issue in family court, our team at Teiger Law Center, P.C., is ready to serve you.

We Know Things Change, Let Us Help You Address Those Changes

With locations convenient to clients in the northern Atlanta metro area, we serve the needs of clients throughout the region in need of advice about all kinds of post-divorce modification and enforcement questions. Our counsel can help you achieve your objectives or protect your interests in matters such as:

  • Increased child support payments based on increased medical, educational or other needs of a growing child
  • Increased payments based on increases in the paying parent’s income
  • Reduced payments based on job loss, medical expenses or other new circumstances
  • Enforcement of child support or alimony payments that have gone into default
  • Resolution of problems related to outstanding support obligations
  • Adjustment of child custody or visitation arrangements based on a parent’s relocation plans to another state or another part of Georgia
  • Contempt of court resulting from noncompliance with court orders and decrees

Some parents who need modification of child support obligations based on reduced income might hesitate to go to court to get the necessary relief because of the possibility that the other parent will file a contempt motion based on current defaults. When working together, we can advise you about your options in this situation while protecting you from punishment.

An experienced family law attorney can help you understand the strategic considerations in timing a request for modification, an action for enforcement or a response to your former spouse’s motion to modify or enforce any provision of a family court order.

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