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Resolving Legitimation And Paternity Issues In North Metro Atlanta

At the Teiger Law Center, P.C., we advise unmarried mothers and fathers about the legal and practical considerations involved in paternity determinations and legitimation proceedings under Georgia law.

If you need assistance with establishing or enforcing a right to child support, or if you’re a noncustodial father interested in securing access to your child on a regular schedule, our law firm can help. We have years of experience handing and resolving complex family law matters.

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If you’re an unmarried parent on either side of a paternity dispute, you’ll find that determining the identity of the father is usually the easiest issue to resolve. DNA testing will provide sufficient proof of fatherhood in practically every case. The real problems concern the amount of child support that must be paid once paternity is established, especially if the father is self-employed or has irregular income. Child support obligations are set up according to an income-based formula in the same way that child support is determined in divorce.

You should keep in mind that the issues to be resolved in a paternity action are limited to identifying the father and establishing the amount of child support he will be required to pay. If the father wants to move for an order for joint custody, primary custody or regular visitation, he will need to do so either in response to the paternity complaint or a court action. The father’s action to obtain custodial or visitation rights is called a legitimation proceeding, and any pending paternity action will get absorbed into the new legitimation case.

Attorney Tracy Teiger knows how to protect the interests of both mothers and fathers on issues concerning paternity, child support, child custody and visitation. In recent years, increasing numbers of men have become interested in asserting and protecting their fathers’ rights. Our law firm is glad to support their commitment to stable and enforceable parenting arrangements. Be a partner in parenting your children.

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