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Guardian Ad Litem And Other Family Law Issues

Our attorneys at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., have decades of experience with guiding clients through the process when a court has ordered a guardian ad litem to protect the best interests of minor children through negotiating a settlement in mediation or in litigation before the court. A guardians ad litem is appointed by the county Council of Superior Court Judges. Qualifications for the position vary slightly from county to county. Some Atlanta-area courts only appoint attorneys while others appoint court-appointed special advocates (CASA), or other trained volunteers.

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When the parents cannot agree on how to handle child custody, child support and/or visitation, the guardian ad litem will investigate and make recommendations to the court as to primary custody and what degree of visitation by the noncustodial party is appropriate. CAPTA trained, the volunteer participants are state-licensed attorneys who have completed the training program, which includes family law and the role of a guardian ad litem. They understand the stages of child development, effects of domestic violence on children and other child development issues, investigating claims including home visits, and weighing the merits and the downside of proposed custody arrangements before presenting findings and recommendations to the court.

Working With The Guardian Ad Litem

We encourage full cooperation with the guardian ad litem, but also recognize that there are times when an appointment should be challenged. When a guardian ad litem takes a position adverse to your position, it might be wise to question the ad litem’s decision, either by presenting evidence that refutes the reasons for the position or by cross-examination and/or impeachment of the guardian ad litem.

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