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Military Divorce: Family Law Advice For Active Duty And Retired Military Personnel In Georgia

At the Teiger Law Center, P.C., our north metro Atlanta family law practice serves the needs of both active and retired military service members who need advice about their rights in divorce, child support and child custody. When faced with family law issues, we encourage you to work with our lawyers who understand the stresses that military service places on family life, and who can advise you about the legal, jurisdictional and practical considerations of military divorce.

Helping You Address The Challenges Of A Military Divorce

For active service members based in Georgia or permanently residing here, the first question to address in a divorce case will be jurisdictional. You and your spouse need to reside in Georgia for at least six months continuously before a family court in the state can grant a divorce. What constitutes continuous residence for military personnel can sometimes be difficult to determine, and our review of your circumstances can give you a good idea of your right to file for divorce here, or your need to respond to the petition. We understand the rights and responsibilities created under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and can guide its proper use, or the rebuttal of it.

Divorcing service members can also encounter problems with child support issues based on the Leave and Earnings Statement, which often reflect earnings that are susceptible to change due to re-deployment, such as special training allowance, housing allowance and base subsistence and which, if not properly substantiated, can amplify the service member’s support obligation(s). Though many of the allowances and bonuses granted during a deployment are tax-free, they could count as income in calculating child support. Attorney Tracy Teiger can give you an accurate understanding of what the child support obligation should look like in your situation and can help military personnel resolve problems attributable to income associated with overseas deployments.

Child custody can be an especially difficult problem in military divorce, and the usual model for co-parenting, shared custody or frequent visitation simply will not apply in situations where an active-duty parent is deployed overseas, or stationed at a distant post in the United States. We can work toward flexible child custody and visitation arrangements that take maximum advantage of your availability during periods of leave or after deployment.

Attorney Tracy Teiger also works with people in divorces involving retired career military personnel. In those cases, the spouses will not only need to divide what will often be substantial military pension assets, but the rights of the nonmilitary spouse increase with the length of the marriage during periods of active service on the part of the military spouse. If the marriage lasted 20 years or more during credited service, the nonmilitary spouse can continue such benefits as medical care and PX or commissary privileges.

Reach Out To A Georgia Divorce Attorney For Information Regarding Military Pension And Benefits Issues

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