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Child Support: The Advice And Representation You Need

Child support, as determined by the Georgia Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations guidelines, states that it is a joint responsibility and should be equitably split, including costs of medical insurance coverage. The assets and income, as well as number of other children and/or parental involvement of each parent is factored in, so that the percentage paid by each side is a balanced number that treats each party fairly. Unfortunately, this can become a hot-button issue.

At the Teiger Law Center, P.C., our attorneys know where to look and what to look for when hidden assets are suspected.

If the other parent attempts to engage in delay tactics, such as repeatedly asking for continuances, we know how to stop the game. If you are having difficulty collecting your child support, we can petition the court on your behalf for a garnishment of wages, forcing employers to deduct a portion of each paycheck to be applied to the balance owed. (A portion of funds will be automatically deducted from all state and federal checks such as tax refunds, unemployment or worker’s compensation payments.) In the most extreme cases, the court may order incarceration, in an effort to punish the nonpaying parent.

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We also represent those who are defending against child support claims, including modification of child support. A major life change, such as serious illness, disability or loss of job, as well as remarriage or major change of income for the other spouse, may also require a change to the amount paid by each party.

Additionally, in an emerging area of law brought on by the advancement of technology, we protect egg or sperm donors against support claims. Atlanta-area grandparents who are raising their grandchildren may wish to file a claim for support or custody, as well as same-sex partners.

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If you need help with questions about child support, Tracy Teiger and his team at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., will protect your rights, ensuring the best possible outcome, whether you are a custodial or noncustodial parent/guardian. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our Cumming or Alpharetta law offices by calling 800-780-2275 or 866-726-2153.