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Child Custody: We Are Committed To The Best Interests Of Your Children

At the center of many divorce cases is the issue of child custody and visitation. When a family is separated questions need to be answered such as who will have custody of the child or children and where will they live? When will they visit the noncustodial parent and under what circumstances?

We Arrive Ready With The Answers You Need

The answers to these questions should have the best interests of the child or children in mind. But reasonable minds can differ on what is in the child or children’s best interest. We will give sound, practical advice on how to balance your feelings about what is best for your child or children with what the law requires.

At the Teiger Law Center, P.C., we will learn the specifics of your case and propose solutions that can work. In the process, we will educate you about what is possible, including joint physical custody, sole custody and legal custody. After we have determined what is in the child or children’s best interest we will take action. Divorce is a stressful, challenging time of change. Someone skilled and ready to take action who can shield you and your children from harm is what you need. Attorney Tracy Teiger and his associates can help.

We serve all surrounding areas of the north metropolitan Atlanta area. We handle all aspects of divorce cases, including custody, child support, alimony, visitation and the division of property. We stand by you from the outset of your case through its conclusion, and beyond — to the point of modifying custody, support and visitation after the divorce is concluded.

When you work with our lawyers, you will be given compassionate, competent counsel to ease you through the divorce process. Every person going through a divorce has different needs. We will design a legal strategy to meet yours and will be the voice that advocates your needs. Tracy Teiger will work hard and smart and honestly. He will shield you, streamline the process and save you money.

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