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Annulment: Let Us Provide You With The Information And Representation You Need

Marriage, considered a civil contract in the state of Georgia, may only be dissolved by divorce, petitioning for annulment or death. The remaining two options, divorce and annulment, may look similar, but there is a key difference: Divorce dissolves a valid marriage while annulment not only dissolves the union, it declares it invalid because one or both parties are unable, unwilling or fraudulently attempting to enter into a marital contract. Additionally, annulment does not absolve the parties of criminal charges or responsibilities created during the marriage.

Your Lawyer, Your Guide

While permanent alimony will not be awarded, temporary support may be ordered. Legal fees, including attorney’s fees, may be awarded to one spouse. Most of the time, the prevailing side pays the fees. Mitigating factors will be considered.

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Some Things To Consider When Pursuing An Annulment

There are times when an annulment is refused. If children are born from the marriage, it cannot be annulled. You must seek a divorce in such cases. If needed, the annulment papers can be filed by a “next friend,” which is a legal term for someone of sound mind and maturity who acts on behalf of someone who is either a minor or who is incapacitated.

Valid reasons for annulment:

  1. Too closely related: Incest or intermarriage of closely related blood relatives
  2. Diminished mental capacity: People may be deemed incapable of giving legal consent due to mental illness, insanity (including temporary insanity) or retardation
  3. Duress: Coercion and blackmail
  4. Fraud: Failure to disclose incapacity to have children, already married, underage, addiction to alcohol or drugs, conviction of a felony, previous children, a sexually transmitted disease or impotency

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