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Powers Of Attorney And Health Care Directives: Anticipating The Possibility Of Critical Financial And Medical Decisions

By granting a financial power of attorney, or a durable medical power of attorney, you authorize someone to act on your behalf for a particular purpose; sometimes for the sake of convenience, but, more importantly, if you’re unavailable to do something yourself due to an accident, travel, extended absence from your place of residence, illness or incapacity.

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One common example of a power of attorney is the authority to sign real estate transfer documents for another. If one spouse is unavailable to sign closing documents for the sale of a house, the absent spouse will often grant the husband or wife a power of attorney for that specific task. When you meet with our lawyers at Teiger Law Center, P.C., you will learn about the ways that powers of attorney can be created and granted for other purposes as to meet needs that arise in the future.

Financial and medical powers of attorney have long been recognized as basic components of sound estate planning. In recent years, so has the advance directive for health care, which as a unified instrument, encapsulates the living will and durable medical power of attorney. This document specifies a person’s intentions as to such matters as life support and “Do Not Resuscitate” orders at the end of life or in extreme medical conditions.

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With more approximately 30 years of legal experience handling a variety of legal practice areas, attorney Tracy Teiger can explain how powers of attorney and advance directives for health care can clearly and accurately express your intentions about your financial affairs and your medical treatment in the event of an accident, serious illness or other incapacitating event.

Your family will appreciate the guidance of specific instructions in a legally enforceable form. For an experienced lawyer’s advice about the benefits of powers of attorney and advance directives in your situation, contact the Teiger Law Center, P.C., at our Georgia locations in Alpharetta or Cumming. Call 800-780-2275 or 866-726-2153.