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Helping Clients Understand Their Options During Guardianship Litigation

Guardianship appointment can sometimes become a battleground that, without proper guidance, can become a struggle for control rather than an attempt to provide the best alternative for the ward in question. The Teiger Law Center, believes in guardianship advocacy and can provide you and your family with the legal services necessary to protect those you love.

The need for guardianship litigation, whether to petition or to contest, can arise in different situations:

  • When the ward objects to the loss of his or her rights to another. The person in question may become resentful or combative. Dementia may alter what was formerly an astute thinker, adding an additional layer of confusion. Conversely, the objection may have validity. In either case, documentation and presentation of facts are key components to winning your case. Alpharetta guardianship litigation attorneys at the Teiger Law Center employ a calm, diplomatic approach to help all parties when drafting a new plan.
  • When the appointed guardian abuses his or her authority. Whether it is neglect, financial misconduct or physical/mental bullying, abuse of the elderly is not tolerated. Sometimes, it is a matter of “too much:” the caregiver is overwhelmed and simply cannot keep up. In other instances, the motive may be anger or greed-based.
  • When an elderly person prefers to stay independent. He or she may feel as if he or she is being imprisoned, or he or she may feel anxious about the change in general.
  • When an elderly person prefers independence but is unable to perform basic functions. It may be that the person does not realize/care that personal hygiene, safety or finances have been ignored, or he or she may try to hide his or her struggle.
  • When two or more parties desire guardianship. What should be a delightful excess of choices can sometimes turn into bitter battles for control.

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Diffusing an emotionally charged life change, especially one as large as the loss of individual rights to another, can be challenging. We know the legal process to petition the court to institute a guardianship, as well as to alter an existing agreement or to terminate or transfer responsibilities and treat all parties with the respect they deserve.

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