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Look To Us When Faced With Criminal Charges Of Public Corruption

The Teiger Law Center, P.C., defends those in the Atlanta metro accused of public corruption, bribery or illegal receipt of gratitudes by negotiating to dismiss white collar crime charges before they are made and by representing our clients in the Georgia state and federal courts when negotiation fails.

Our nearly 30 years of experience in this field sets us apart when challenging investigative findings of proof or defending an indictment that targets our client.

Intelligent And Discreet Representation

Working discreetly to protect your reputation, Tracy Teiger has the success rate to validate his effectiveness. His team will investigate how evidence was obtained, the validity of the charges and if the right person was charged in the case. Most cases, however, are settled before charges are even made. Further, if you have been unjustly accused, causing great harm to your business, as well as personal embarrassment for you and your family, we will seek compensation from those who made the false accusation.

We advise that you not talk with the FBI, or other federal agency that may be involved in the investigation without legal counsel. You need immediate and aggressive criminal defense representation to protect your rights, your future and your freedom and to advise you on your options and best solutions.

Don’t Put Your Future At Risk

With offices based in Alpharetta and Cumming, our team of attorneys provides competent counsel on complex federal criminal cases involving public corruption, bribery and illegal receipt of gratitudes cases in the entire north Georgia area. Call us at 800-780-2275 or 866-726-2153. You can also complete our online contact form to receive a prompt response from our professional staff.