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Forgery: Defending Clients Throughout Georgia Against Accusations Of White Collar Crime

Forgery carries felony charges, punishable by one to 20 or more years’ imprisonment. At Teiger Law Center, P.C., our attorneys can negotiate on your behalf, working hard to get charges dropped or reduced. We use different approaches when defending a forgery case, depending on the circumstances of your case, examining the arrest for illegalities, police investigation evidence and witness statements for inconsistencies. We will argue for exceptions, such as intent, knowing that oftentimes a simple mistake may be misconstrued as an illegal act.

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Forgery can range from prescription forgery for the purpose of obtaining drugs illegally (including altering your own prescription) to wire/mail fraud, tax/government fraud, and credit card fraud or unauthorized use including embezzlement of financial transaction cards (ATM or debit card fraud). A bad check worth less than $300 is a misdemeanor, $300-$499 is a misdemeanor of high and aggravated nature and a worthless check written for more than $500 is a felony.

Identity theft forgery is the use or possession (with an intent to defraud) of identifying documentation of another person (living or dead, fictitious or real), or knowingly accepting, for identification purposes, fraudulent or fictitious identifying information. Use of someone else’s Social Security, driver’s license, checking or saving, credit or debit numbers, tax identification or electronic identification numbers, electronic signatures, and medical identification numbers is also considered identity theft, as is use of another person’s birth date, mother’s maiden name or other information that can be used to access a person’s personal finances. Fines can reach up to $250,000.

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