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Accusations Of Embezzlement Should Be Addressed With Skilled Legal Representation

An arrest for embezzlement, or illegal appropriation of funds or other items, may also include charges of identity theft, tax evasion, forgery and/or mortgage fraud. Contempt or conspiracy charges may be handed down, as well. These charges are serious and carry life-altering consequences if convicted. At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we understand the severity of these accusations and will take meaningful steps to defend your rights.

We urge you to call us before speaking with anyone, including law enforcement, so that we can advise you on your constitutional rights and confer with you about the best way to answer questions so that you don’t put yourself in an unflattering light.

The act of misappropriation of money or goods for personal gain by a person in a position of authority or trust may be a state or federal offense, depending on the circumstances. Oftentimes high-profile cases, especially if a public or political figure is involved, are tried in the media before they even get to court. We may be able to avoid the public stigma by negotiating with your employer (who may wish to avert the negative publicity and the expense of a trial), avoiding investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (if funds crossed state lines).

Sometimes an employee may be financially underwater and borrows funds without authorization. An employee may not understand that his or her actions are illegal when he or she does work for the company and submits a bill for his or her labor under a fictitious business name (dummy vendors or suppliers), or uses someone else’s Social Security or Tax Identification Number.

We Focus On The Facts When Building Your Case

Embezzlement accusations are complex cases involving severe penalties for the accused individual and should never be ignored and brushed off. Jail time (up to 10 years for embezzlement of public funds), fines, fees, restitution, probation and community service are possible punishments. A ruined reputation can damage your business or career, and conviction will follow you when seeking future employment.

If your case goes to trial, we may ask the court to consider the prior history of the individual, request alternative sentencing or offer repayment of the value embezzled, and any additional fines and court costs in an effort to reduce charges/punishment.

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If you’ve been hit with criminal charges of embezzlement, our team at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., can help. Our attorneys are qualified to represent clients in Georgia state or federal court, and will devote close attention to the details of your case. Call our Alpharetta or Cumming law offices today at 800-780-2275 or 866-726-2153. You can also submit an inquiry via our online contact form.