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Don’t Let Traffic Tickets Compromise Your License

You see other drivers break the law every day on Georgia highways. But, when you make a mistake, law enforcement hits you with harsh consequences. If you think you’ve been targeted by Georgia police, State Patrol or County Sheriff, then you should have the assistance of local counsel in dealing with local law enforcement.

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we represent drivers throughout the Atlanta metro and north Georgia who have been pulled over and accused of criminal traffic offenses. With locations in Fulton County (Alpharetta) and Forsyth County (Cumming), we represent people who have been accused of many different traffic offenses, including speeding, DUI, aggressive or reckless driving, passing a stopped school bus and driving on a suspended driver’s license.

No matter how serious the charges you face, we can take effective action to achieve the best possible outcome. This may include having the charges dropped or reduced. We can also seek a points reduction, restoring your driver’s license to a zero-points balance.

‘Can’t I Handle My Ticket Myself?’

My ticket. My problem. Right? Not exactly. Many people think that they can handle their traffic tickets themselves, but the truth is that they simply do not have the legal experience necessary to achieve the best possible results.

Internet research only goes so far. When it comes to a speeding ticket, you aren’t fully prepared to make a forceful and effective argument on your own behalf until you have gained in-depth legal knowledge and experience as an advocate. Neither will you have the skills necessary to obtain and evaluate the state’s evidence against you to determine what defenses to employ in negotiating a plea or litigating at trial.

As an experienced lawyer, as well as a federal investigator, former law clerk to an esteemed federal judge and a member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia, attorney Tracy Teiger is well-prepared to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

What’s more, handling your own traffic ticket often takes three, four, five or more hours of waiting in a downtown courtroom before ever appearing before a judge. When you hire Mr. Teiger to represent you in court, you may not be required to appear. The entire matter is handled for you, so your time away from work and family is minimized.

Don’t Hesitate. Get A Lawyer.

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