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CDL Defense For Commercial Drivers

If you drive for a living, you’re probably well aware of the problems that come with a traffic ticket. In recent years, the economy has been tough on Georgia employers, and their insurance companies are cracking down. Many insurers simply won’t insure employers who hire drivers with points on their licenses — even points for relatively minor traffic offenses.

The result?

Employers face pressure to fire drivers who get pulled over, and drivers risk losing their jobs after receiving a traffic ticket.

If you have been pulled over in Georgia and you drive for a living, you have no real choice but to fight to protect your rights. And the best way to fight effectively is to hire an experienced lawyer who will take forceful action on your behalf.

Putting Nearly 30 Years Of Experience To Work To Protect Your CDL

At the Teiger Law Center, P.C., this is what we offer. As an experienced lawyer, as well as a federal investigator, former law clerk to an esteemed federal judge and a member in good standing of the Georgia State Bar, attorney Tracy Teiger is well-prepared to obtain the best possible outcome for professional drivers.

With locations in Alpharetta and Cumming, we serve clients throughout the Atlanta metro and north Georgia. Our clients also include drivers from other states who were pulled over while passing through Georgia. While many of our clients are truck drivers with CDLs, we represent many different drivers who need their vehicles to earn a living, including limo drivers, taxi drivers and sales people.

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If your livelihood depends on having use of your car or a company car to perform job-related services and your employment is or could be at risk, you need effective assistance of counsel. Call Tracy Teiger today at 800-780-2275 or toll free at 866-726-2153. If you prefer to send an email, you can reach us by completing our online contact form.