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Aggressive Driving, Reckless Driving And Racing

At our law firm, the Teiger Law Center, P.C., lead attorney Tracy Teiger uses nearly 30 years of experience to protect the rights of people facing serious traffic-related charges. Our law firm effectively defends people who have been accused of reckless driving, aggressive driving, eluding an officer and street racing in the Greater Atlanta metro and throughout northern Georgia.

Charged With Aggressive Driving? We Can Help.

On today’s congested highways, more and more drivers are experiencing frustration that can explode into road rage. Georgia law makes this explosion illegal. Under our state’s law, a person commits the offense of aggressive driving when he or she operates a motor vehicle with the intent to annoy, harass, intimidate, injure or obstruct another person.

Each case is different, and aggressive driving is charged in many different situations. However, one thing remains constant: It is never a good idea to face aggressive driving charges without seeking counsel.

Understanding Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a serious offense. Under Georgia law, it is a misdemeanor punishable by significant fines, jail time and loss of your driver’s license. If you have been accused, it is imperative that you have the assistance of counsel — an experienced Alpharetta and Cumming reckless driving defense attorney who can review the state’s case against you and properly protect your rights.

When we handle reckless driving cases, we thoroughly investigate the case to determine the state’s evidence against the defendant. We then determine a case strategy accordingly. Depending on the situation, we dispute the evidence and aim to have the charges dismissed, have the charges reduced to a lesser offense or press to have our client found not guilty. Our goal is to have the Georgia courts see our clients in the best possible light.

Defending Clients Accused Of Street Racing And Eluding An Officer

If you have been accused of street racing or eluding an officer in Georgia, there’s no easy way out of the charges. Georgia law takes these matters seriously, and it enforces equally serious consequences, which can include jail time. Often, you or your lawyer must appear before a judge. Whether you have been accused of racing or eluding an officer, if you have received a ticket or been arrested, it is never too soon to get help from a local lawyer who understands the laws and regulations in the Atlanta metro.

Let Us Defend Your Driving Privileges

If you or a loved one has been cited for a traffic violation, call Teiger Law Center, P.C., today and learn how our team can help. Contact us at our Cumming or Alpharetta law offices by calling 800-780-2275 or toll free at 866-726-2153.