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Internet Sex Crimes: Serious Accusations Require A Serious Defense

If you or someone you know has been charged with Internet sex crimes, our attorneys at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., urge you to retain legal counsel immediately. Do not discuss your case with anyone before talking to our investigative team first. Internet sex crimes can be particularly complex regarding physical evidence. You may be facing local and federal charges that carry harsh punishment upon conviction. Special police task force teams surf Internet websites, looking for predators. Sometimes, in their zeal, they lure potential suspects into criminal acts. The way you answer detective’s questions may have great bearing on whether you are charged or not. Let us advise you on your rights, your options and how your decision may affect the rest of your life.

Internet sex crimes can range from soliciting sexual favors from prostitutes to owning, creating, publishing or distributing child pornography to crossing state lines to solicit/engage in sex with a minor, a federal crime. The latter, depending on circumstances may also bring charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Not all Internet sex crime involves children. Politicians caught sexting, predators engaged in cyberstalking and prostitutes and their customers may all face Internet sex crimes charges.

Punishment can be long-term incarceration or lifetime imprisonment, fines, revocation of probation or parole, or even the death penalty, as well as being added to the Georgia sex offenders registry, affecting future employment and living arrangements. The right to vote or carry a firearm will be revoked and certain jobs are off-limits to those convicted of sex offenses.

When You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney, Turn To Us

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we may be able to help you avoid sex offender registration, imprisonment and other serious penalties. As we open our own investigation, we’ll review the statements of the accuser and any witnesses to determine whether there are inconsistencies. We’ll question the legality of jurisdiction, their right to search and seizure, and if a sex crime was even committed. Our computer experts will be on the alert for computer viruses, unwanted SPAM or spyware that may have embedded itself in your hard drive. Use of a computer does not necessarily make a person accountable for all use. If others had access to the computer in question, reasonable doubt has been established.

If we are unsuccessful in getting charges dropped, we’ll work to get them reduced. Attorney Tracy Teiger will do all he can to protect your fundamental constitutional right to free speech as Georgia seeks to step up monitoring of all registered offenders’ Internet use by requiring disclosure of Internet access passwords and credentials, including screen names and email addresses. Privacy issues are at stake here and raise important questions about how much access to information, such as online banking passwords and retail account information, the government is allowed to monitor.

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