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Minor In Possession Of Alcohol Charges Are Serious Business

Minors test boundaries and sometimes go too far. Vehicular drunk driving accidents by minors can be incredibly damaging because they often occur at high speeds and claims can include civil damages, criminal charges and punitive damages (to discourage repeat offenses). Civil claims against others, such as friends who were the party hosts or a server in a bar (or its owners), may be filed because of an underage drinker, as well.

Put An Experienced Defense Lawyer On Your Side

Firm founder and lead attorney, Tracy Teiger, knows that unlike a DUI, intoxication of a minor, while serious, does not necessarily involve driving and should not be punishable by criminal charges, but solved through rehabilitation. With nearly 30 years of experience handling criminal cases, more often than not, his arguments made on behalf of his clients prevail in the court.

When the better course of action is to gain dismissal or reduction of charges, he knows what to look for and when something seems out of order, he knows how to challenge the evidence such as an officer’s predilection for guilt (video of the officer requesting transport too quickly or tow truck records, for example).

The Consequences Of A Conviction Can Quickly Pile Up

A conviction of DUI/DWI can interrupt life plans just as a student prepares to enter college or the working world. The Teiger Law Center, P.C., knows that an ounce of prevention really does save a pound of cure, and we remind all young people that adult behaviors require adult responsibilities, including knowing one’s limit (taking height, body build and type of drink into consideration) and stopping before that point. It’s also okay not to drink at all. If you have been drinking, use a designated driver. If you are underage, be a good friend and volunteer to be the DD.

Contact Our Alpharetta Criminal Defense Attorney

If you face underage drinking charges in Alpharetta, Cumming or elsewhere in north Georgia, call attorney Tracy Teiger immediately. He and his staff will guide you through the legal process, advising you on your rights and your best options.

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