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Busted With A Fake ID? Look To Our Attorneys For Help.

Teiger Law Center, P.C., represents clients in the north Georgia vicinity, defending charges of the use of false identification. Driver’s licenses are forged for underage drinking, phony birth certificates and Social Security cards are often used in identity theft schemes or to defraud the government, and passports may be used for illegal immigration.

Fake IDs are forgery and carry serious penalties. Possession of a false identification document with a government logo may either be a misdemeanor, if used by a minor for purchase of alcohol or tobacco, or be a felony, if used for activities such as check cashing, obtaining credit or car rental.

Caught With Fake IDs? Local Defense Lawyer Tracy Teiger Can Help.

Criminal defense lawyer Tracy Teiger knows that fake IDs in many Georgia communities are easy to obtain. Underage drinking can lead to DUI charges, resulting in civil damages and punitive damages, as well as criminal charges and wrongful death suits. If your night on the town turns into DUI/DWI with forged ID charges in the Alpharetta, Cummings or other neighboring community, don’t hesitate to call our attorneys at Teiger Law Center, P.C., before making a statement. We’ll advise you on your rights and your best options.

Making/altering, selling/distributing/delivering or possessing with intent to sell false identification documents is a felony that carries punishments of one to five years’ imprisonment. The punishment increases to three to 10 years’ imprisonment if there are three or more documents involved.

Students are not the only ones affected by fake IDs. Store owners/bartenders, etc., who check ID but let a fake one through may end up in jail for selling alcohol to a minor and possible loss of business license. We’ll plead your case before the court. When you need an experienced, professional defense attorney, our lawyers will aggressively protect your rights.

Many convicted drunk drivers also use false identification to continue to drive after loss of license. Georgia penalties for repeat offenses can include permanent loss of license, fines and fees, incarceration, community service, and court-ordered counseling. The punishment increases when injury or death occurs or there is record of prior conviction.

When You Face Criminal Charges, Fight Back With Help From Our Attorneys

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