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Dunwoody officers focus on traffic violations

Most drivers have received or will receive a traffic ticket at some point. A significant number of these traffic violations are most likely for minor infractions. The police department in Dunwoody, Georgia, decided to reinforce the importance of some of these laws and educate a number of locals by writing several tickets to violators.

Did traffic offenses lead to bad arrests for DUI drugs?

A significant number of the arrests resulting from the subjective observations of police officers turn out to be erroneous. The alleged traffic offenses that precipitate police pulling someone over could easily end up in bad arrests if the officers fail to follow the proper procedures and protocols. This issue is at the heart of a federal lawsuit recently filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against one Georgia county and one of its officers.

Driving home the point about the seriousness of traffic offenses

Like other Georgia residents, you may have an infraction or two on your driving record. Perhaps you were ticketed for driving over 15 mph above the speed limit or for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Maybe the traffic offenses are more serious and include something like passing a school bus when it was stopped.

Challenging criminal traffic offenses in Georgia

School has started up again here in Georgia as it has across the country. This means school buses will be making their morning and afternoon routes. If you fail to stop when a bus puts out its stop sign or flashes its lights, you could find yourself facing charges for one of the state's criminal traffic offenses.

Aggressive driving is a catch-all for many traffic offenses

Drive defensively. Drive assertively. Many Georgia drivers may have heard this kind of advice when they were first getting their driver's licenses. This can be good advice that may save your life as you travel Georgia's roadways. However, if you go past the line of assertive or defensive driving, you could cross over into aggressive driving.

Georgia man faces charges for more than just drug possession

Where Georgia police departments are concerned, traffic stops often provide officers with a chance to identify individuals who may have committed crimes. When speaking with a driver, they look for details that may provide probable cause to conduct a search or further detain the driver, such as signs of impairment, objects lying in plain view in the vehicle and even smells of alcohol or certain drugs. It is this last circumstance that led officers to take a man into custody on charges that included drug possession, among others.

Don't believe these things about traffic violations

At some point during the time that just about everyone with a license drives, they will be stopped by police and given a ticket. Nearly everyone has advice for Georgia residents regarding what to do when it comes to traffic violations. Much of that advice could actually work against them if they decide to do what their friends and family told them.

Some traffic offenses come with more than just a fine

All drivers owe a duty of care to their passengers and everyone else on the road with them. When drivers fail to follow the rules of road, they could receive citations for traffic violations such as speeding, failure to signal and the like. However, some traffic offenses are more serious than others are. For instance, Georgia considers reckless driving more than just a violation of the traffic laws, and a driver accused of this actually faces a misdemeanor charge.

Dealing with Georgia traffic violations

The flashing lights behind the car often momentarily leave Georgia drivers stunned. Once they realize that they are being pulled over, they get off the roadway and wait. An officer comes to the window, and by the time the conversation is over, those drivers have citations for traffic violations.

Underage drivers accused of traffic offenses need representation

Having an underage driver in the house makes life easier and more complicated at the same time. Their autonomy provides Georgia parents with more freedom, but it also raises insurance rates and causes concern for their safety. In addition, police sometimes target underage drivers and charge them with traffic offenses as a result of a stop.

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