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Legislation may affect shoplifting cases

Times are changing, and Georgia residents do their best to keep up with all the new laws and proposed legislation in the Peach State. Recently, citizens have called upon lawmakers to change the rules regarding citizens arrests. Changes could affect the way shoplifting accusations are handled. 

Woman accused of shoplifting over $500 in merchandise

There are certain crimes that many people assume are not a big deal to have listed on their record. Often, if the crime was not one that involved violence, people accused assume that the impact on their life will be minimal. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many seemingly innocuous offenses. For example, shoplifting seems like a harmless crime, but it can still carry significant punishment with prosecution and have a long-lasting impact even after a person has served time. One woman here in Georgia may want to consider her strategy for criminal defense after she was arrested for shoplifting from a Target store.

Woman accused of theft demands attorney

Georgia residents may have shopped in a store that has a self-checkout lane, a small kiosk that allows a shopper to scan his or her own purchases rather than wait in line for a cashier. These registers usually provide prompts to make sure items ring up properly and a feature to call for help if an attendant is needed. Recently, one woman was accused of theft after using such a checkout lane. 

Trio charged with theft, but was treatment fair?

When news media covers a story in which a group of people have been charged in a crime, the article may leave more questions than answers. Sometimes, law enforcement is still investigating and a news source has only limited information, like names, ages and what a person was charged with. Obviously there is much more to the story, and a recent article about an alleged theft in Georgia raises valid questions about what details may be missing from the coverage. 

Man accused of multiple shoplifting offenses

When people face an arrest for what may seem like a minor crime, they might think that the effect on their life won't be significant. However, the judicial system treats any kind of theft very seriously, especially if the person stands accused of multiple instances of theft. Besides jail time or a fine, conviction could have a long-lasting impact over the course of a person's life, in both personal and career aspects. This is what one Georgia man may be confronting after he was arrested and accused of multiple instances of shoplifting.

Wanted for shoplifting? You may want an attorney

When Georgia police suspect that a person has committed a crime in the Peach State, it is not unusual for law enforcement to reach out to the public for help. Often, news outlets ask for the public's help identifying a suspect or getting information about an incident. While this is certainly helpful for investigative purposes, news stories may lack detail or not provide a follow-up. Anyone that stands accused of a crime like shoplifting may personally suffer if he or she did not actually commit a crime. 

Shoplifting carries serious penalties

Retail workers prepare for more customer traffic during the holiday shopping season. This shopping boon unofficially extends for some weeks beyond Christmas as people return and exchange gifts and use the gift cards they received as presents. Along with handling the rush of customers, retail employees and business owners are on the lookout for those they suspect of shoplifting. Unfortunately, the shoplifting laws in Georgia may jeopardize the future of anyone accused of this type of theft.

Online theft a modern concern

The holiday season has begun, and Georgia residents might be among the millions of Americans who have a little extra shopping to do in the coming weeks. This time of year, many people are planning to buy gifts for loved ones, ingredients for a special meal, or are hunting for a bargain on a big purchase, like a vehicle or home appliance. These days, many people turn to the internet for shopping, but many might not be aware that a person can be charged with theft for online activities. 

Dog-napping? Man accused of theft

People love their furry friends, and Georgia residents may be among the growing number of Americans who consider their pets to be family members, not property. While certainly, it is not difficult to get attached to a beloved pet, animals are still legally considered to be property, and some kinds of pets cost a pretty penny. Recently, a Georgia man walked into a pet shop and found himself facing allegations of theft

Student says alleged theft is a cheesy accusation

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. Recently, a Georgia student popped into a local Waffle House restaurant to grab a bite and nearly wound up in legal trouble. What began as a question over a bill quickly escalated into an accusation of theft

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