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Several staying in a motel ended up arrested for drug possession

Was it a case of wrong place, wrong time? Only time will tell. Some Georgia motels seem to have an inordinate number of illicit activities going on in them, but that does not mean that every occupant partakes in them. Motels are public places, and previous occupants could leave behind any number of items. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that unwitting guests could end up facing charges for drug possession or other crimes.

2 men in Georgia accused of drug crimes following traffic stop

For some people, a traffic stop in Georgia is a relatively routine procedure. They are pulled over, and depending on the reason for the stop, they receive a citation and continue with their day. However, a recent stop turned into something more, and now two men face accusations of drug crimes.

Mom accused of drug crimes in Georgia after police chase

For some people, an encounter with a police officer is anxiety-producing. Even seeing a police officer parked on the side of the road can prompt some drivers to respond in unexpected ways.  Unfortunately, police say that a mother in Georgia recently started a police pursuit after she fled when an officer attempted to pull her over. She is now suspected of drug crimes, among other accusations.

Several face charges for drug crimes after traffic stop

Georgia law enforcement officials often rely on traffic stops to discover illegal activity. Charges for drug crimes, impairment and other criminal activity often result from what starts out as a seemingly innocent stop. Under any circumstances, any individuals placed under arrest on the side of the road still have the right to contest any charges they face, particularly since the procedures used in some traffic stops do not comply with current laws.

Do you have a good defense to the drug crimes you face?

Georgia law takes the possession, sale and manufacturing of drugs seriously. Prosecutors often use everything in their arsenals to either secure a conviction or convince you to plead guilty to some crime associated with your arrest. However, just because you were charged with drug crimes doesn't mean that you should take a deal or be convicted.

Prison visitors end up under arrest for marijuana possession

Many Georgia residents have friends and loved ones who made mistakes for which they are paying by being incarcerated here in the state. Visiting them in prison may be part of their routines, so they become lax in ensuring that they meet all of the prison requirements for visitation. This may not result in arrests for most people, but for three people it recently resulted in arrests for alleged marijuana possession, among other charges.

Charges for drug possession could be a plea for help not jail

It often starts innocently enough. An individual tries a drug for the first time in the company of others doing the same thing. Some of those people will walk away from that experience with nothing more than a hangover, but others become addicted after repeated use. At some point, he or she may receive the attention of Georgia law enforcement official and ends up facing charges for drug possession.

What penalties could you face for drug possession in Georgia?

Police officers initiate traffic stops for a variety of reasons such as speeding, failing to signal a lane change and other traffic violations. Many people drive off with a warning or a ticket, but some end up under arrest because an officer finds drugs in the vehicle. When this happens, the accused individual may begin to wonder what penalties a conviction for drug possession could bring here in Georgia.

Racial profiling played a role in charges of drug crimes

Approximately two years ago, Mike Scott, a former Atlanta Hawks basketball player, and his brother were arrested after a traffic stop. They were charged with felony drug crimes after police allegedly found marijuana and Molly (powered MDMA) in the vehicle. As it turns out, a judge recently ruled that the traffic stop that started it all was racially motivated, and more than likely, Scott and his brother were not the first victims of this treatment.

Georgia teacher arrested for more than mere drug possession

Georgia's teachers are human. They make mistakes and even get arrested periodically for a variety of offenses. However, one Georgia teacher faces much more than basic drug possession charges after a officials allegedly found approximately $6 million worth of what they believe to be heroin and cocaine in the home in which she was living. 

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