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Self medication and drug crimes

Mental health issues are an ongoing problem across the country, and many Georgia residents are among the thousands of Americans that are suffering without the benefit of medical treatment. Often, health care professionals can provide answers for the symptoms an individual is experiencing, but many people have trouble accessing applicable treatment options. A recent study focused on the different reasons that men and women turn to illegal drugs, which places them at risk of being charged with drug crimes

Passenger charged with drug crimes

Being the passenger in another person's vehicle can lead to trouble. Even if a mistake on the part of the driver is what initially draws the attention of law enforcement officers, others in the vehicle may wind up facing charges if if they tried to help in an emergency situation. One Georgia woman recently learned this fact the hard way when she found herself facing charges for drug crimes

Dozens of people in Georgia face charges for drug crimes

For their supposed part in a large-scale drug trafficking operation, 68 people in Georgia are facing a variety of criminal charges. State and federal authorities combined to form an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and have spent the past two years investigating drug trafficking across the state. Those individuals caught up in the sweep stand accused of a range of drug crimes, including conspiracy, distribution of controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, as well as charges related to firearms violations and more.

Familiar face calls for changes to penalties for drug crimes

Georgia residents remember former governor Nathan Deal. Though his time serving the Peach State in public office has passed, he is still fighting for change on behalf of Georgia residents and the nation as a whole. He recently made headlines when he explained why he proposed changes to federal laws pertaining to the way drug crimes are prosecuted and penalized. 

Rapper Playboi Carti charged with drug possession in Georgia

When individuals are pulled over by law enforcement officers, they often feel as if they must comply with any request that the officer's make. However, they have certain rights. For example, a person does not have to give a law enforcement official permission to search his or her vehicle, but many people may be unaware of these rights. In fact, rapper Playboi Carti is likely wondering if his rights were violated in the events leading up to his recent arrest in Georgia and subsequent criminal charges, including drug possession.

Charges related to drug crimes can carry serious consequences

Perhaps it started with Georgia law enforcement banging on the door, or it may have started with flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Regardless of how it began, the feeling of dread is often the same. Law enforcement officers apparently concluded that something illegal has occurred, and they are intent upon finding out. Depending upon the situation, these events may lead to the individual being charged with one or more drug crimes.

Traffic stop leads to accusations of drug crimes

Getting pulled over by the police can be a nerve-wracking experience. Sometimes even experienced drivers panic a bit and behave in a way that may seem suspicious. If police suspect a driver is hiding something or is perhaps under the influence, they may take action beyond writing a traffic ticket. A young man from Georgia, now accused of drug crimes, is facing these circumstances. 

Three arrested for drug crimes

People charged for drug possession may know that the legal system considers it a serious crime. What they may not know is how different drugs may be treated under the law, since possession of certain types of drugs here in can carry harsher sentences than others. Those facing charges for drug crimes may want to consider their available legal options to determine the best course of action. This the likely scenario for three men here in Georgia who were recently arrested on various drug possession charges.

New parent and others charged with drug crimes

As Georgia residents prepare for the holidays, a lot of emphasis may be placed on the importance of family. Most parents want their child to be present for special gatherings and time-honored traditions but also for ordinary days. For a new parent, bringing a baby home might be a big adjustment, and one mother learned the hard way that being accused of drug crimes can affect a child. 

Georgia residents facing drug charges for cocaine, meth and more

A Georgia drug task force has apparently been busy working on an investigation that spanned approximately four months' time. Police say they recently acted on numerous warrants that led to seven arrests. Several people are now facing drug charges in connection with the investigation.

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