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Georgia has increased the penalties for street racing

Vehicle racing is an exclusive sport. Generally, only those with access to corporate sponsors and insanely expensive vehicles have even the chance of professionally racing.

Most people who feel the need for speed will have to find a less formal way to experience the thrill of racing. While there are race tracks and private properties that accommodate those hoping to redline their vehicles, some people will organize races on public streets.

Anyone caught stunt driving or racing on public roadways in Georgia will face new, more serious penalties thanks to a recent bill signed into law.

What happens to those accused of racing on the roads?

Speeding charges are likely the least of the worries for someone who gets caught by the police while racing on public streets. Racing may sometimes meet the criteria for police to arrest someone and charge them with reckless driving.

However, charges of racing alone will now result in more serious penalties for the drivers involved. The new law, passed as HB 534, will impact the penalties drivers face for allegations of racing. These penalties include a minimum of 10 days in jail. Those who repeatedly offend could lose their vehicle if they get convicted of racing three times within five years. Fourth and subsequent offenses will lead to felony charges that carry a minimum sentence of one year but up to five years in prison.

Anyone accused of racing on public roads in Georgia has the right to defend themselves. Understanding the changes to Georgia’s traffic laws can make it easier for you to plan to defend yourself.