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How does the Georgia points system affect your driver’s license?

Georgia, like many other states, maintains internal records about someone’s driving history. If you cause a crash or a police officer issues you a ticket, the state has a record of that incident. Those records can affect your life by limiting your eligibility for commercial licensing or increasing how much you pay for your motor vehicle insurance.   

Additionally, every citation someone receives will also carry a certain number of points. Those points can accrue and could eventually lead to a suspension of someone’s license even if the individual offenses did not carry a license suspension as a penalty.  

How does the driver’s license point system work in Georgia?  

Every offense carries a certain number of points 

Georgia has an incredibly thorough points system that assesses a specific number of points for each kind of traffic infraction. Following too closely, improper passing and failure to obey a traffic signal can all carry three points.  

If a police officer pulls you over while driving in a carpool lane without the right number of people in your vehicle, your fourth and subsequent offenses will each add a single point to your license. Speeding can carry anywhere from two to six points. The same is true for improper driving around a school bus or failing to yield to one.  

Reckless driving carries four points, while aggressive driving could mean six. Even letting a child ride in your vehicle without a safety restraint could put points on your license. Each of those points will contribute to your total and increase your risk of eventually losing your license.  

When do the points start to affect your driving privileges?  

Any points can affect you by limiting your commercial driving eligibility or insurance costs, but you will need to receive multiple tickets in a short amount of time to risk losing your license.  

You have to accrue at least 15 points within 24 months for the state to suspend your license. You can avoid getting points added to your license by fighting back against charges or reduce the number of points on your record go through certain legal procedures. Understanding how the point system works to help you appropriately respond to allegations of a traffic violation.