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Is it effective to send a person addicted to drugs to jail?

It’s no secret that people who are addicted to drugs will break the law to get the drugs they need. Simply having the drug in their possession is a criminal act. What many people don’t think about is that there are underlying factors in the addiction that must be addressed if the person is going to have any hope of getting off the drugs.

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system often places a priority on issuing the punishments for these crimes instead of working from a rehabilitative standpoint. This makes it difficult for them to correct the mental health issues that are contributing to drug abuse.

Why won’t sending them to prison or jail work?

The vast majority of prisons and jails aren’t equipped to handle the issues that come with an addiction. The person might not have access to the drugs while they’re behind bars. There are often illegal substances within jails and prisons. This gives them a chance to detox, but it doesn’t give them the tools they need to stay off the drugs in the future.

Courts sometimes have alternative programs they can utilize to help people who are addicted to drugs to get off the substances. In addition, It gives them the tools they need to stay clean. Drug court is one example of this. Anyone who is facing a charge related to the possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia should ensure they discuss these options, as well as other defense strategies with their attorney. There may be time limits in these cases, so be sure to have this discussion as soon as possible.