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Defending against Georgia shoplifting and theft charges

If you are one of the many Georgia residents that think shoplifting is a minor offense, it is time to readjust your beliefs. Shoplifting and theft crimes continue to remain a big problem in the state, prompting the authorities to treat these matters quite seriously.

We recently talked about the consequences associated with shoplifting and theft crimes in our state. Now, we would like to explain how you and your attorney can defend yourself against a conviction on these charges.

The first thing to understand is why you need an advocate experienced in criminal defense if you are arrested for shoplifting or theft crimes. We have learned that engaging such an advocate usually leads to the best outcome whether the case goes to trial.

Once you acquire a lawyer that is willing to stand up for your rights, together you can go on to determine how to move forward with your defense. The good news is that you have several defense options to choose from.

Effective defenses against theft and shoplifting charges

  • There was no intent to steal, which may be appropriate if you accidentally forget to pay for an item before leaving a store
  • There is a case of mistaken identity, which may be effective if an establishment’s security officer mistakes you for the actual shoplifter
  • The property belongs to you, which may be the case if you rightfully own an item available for sale in a store

Do not leave your situation to chance upon an arrest for shoplifting. You will fare much better by actively defending yourself against these charges. Please, continue reading our website to find additional information about creating a sound defense and preserving your rights.