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Could an innocent mistake make you look like a burglar?

Maybe you asked to use a staff bathroom while you were in a store or another place of business because you have a medical condition. By the time things calmed down and you felt better, the store was already locked up for the night. You were forgotten inside. Once you tried to leave the building, you triggered motion sensors or alarms. The police showed up and you were arrested.

Your explanation sounds reasonable to you, so why don’t the police believe you?

Many burglaries start when someone just walks openly through a door

Given how Hollywood depicts burglary, you probably think of it as a very active crime. In movies and on TV, burglars come in through the top floor, have stealth technology and escape without anyone ever realizing they are there. 

While burglary does sometimes involve a person infiltrating undetected, burglary can also involve someone legally entering a space and then not leaving it when they are no longer allowed to be there. One of the more common ways that burglars avoid the risk of entering a building illegally is to go into a business while it is open. Whether the business is a bank or a store, they made then hide somewhere on the premises until everyone leaves for the night. 

Then, the burglar can theoretically take what they want at their leisure. There have even been cases of burglars staying at the scene of the crime indefinitely until finally caught by law enforcement.

The illegal activity of others can make your actions seem suspicious

Some people accused of theft crimes may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Building a strong defense can help you avoid the consequences of an unusual but complicated situation that might look illegal to an outsider.