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CBD might be legal, but there are still risks for those who use it

Just a few years ago, the average person probably didn’t know the names of any of the active chemicals in marijuana. There is an entire family of chemicals found in marijuana plants and marijuana-based products called cannabinoids.

Some of these cannabinoids, like THC, are subject to federal scheduling laws that make their possession a crime. Other than THC, the cannabinoid most people know about is CBD or cannabidiol. Unlike THC, CBD does not have mind-altering effects.

Since CBD doesn’t make people high, the federal government has relaxed its stance on this particular cannabinoid. You might be able to buy a CBD product and use it without breaking the law in Georgia, but there is still risk in doing so.

You could fail a drug test using a CBD product

If you use CBD for pain management, neurological reasons or anxiety, you might assume that the product you buy is pure CBD. However, it is common for other cannabinoids to wind up in CBD products.

Some of these cannabinoids, like CBN, will lead to a person failing a drug test just like THC would. While CBD may not result in a failed drug test, contamination by other cannabinoids could have implications for those tested as part of their job or during probation.

Poorly made CBD products could have THC in them

It takes careful chemistry to extract only one cannabinoid from plant material. Some companies claim to have perfected this process but then cut corners when producing products. They may have tested sample batches for THC and found that their product was within the legal limit, but failing to test every batch might mean that some consumers are at risk for having too much THC in their CBD product.

If you get caught using a CBD product with too much THC in it, you can face the same kind of drug charges you would for regular marijuana, which might mean you need to mount a defense. An experienced attorney can help you.