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What you need to know about Forsyth County Drug Court

| Oct 8, 2020 | Drug Possession |

Georgia has a drug problem. Many defendants in the court system here face lengthy sentences behind bars for any number of drug crimes, including possession, distribution, manufacturing and trafficking. Many of these individuals turned to using or dealing with these controlled substances to support their drug habit. Forsyth County Accountability Courts data shows that only 10% of these individuals ever get help to kick their addictions. 

That’s where the county’s drug court comes in. Forsyth County has specific eligibility criteria that defendants must meet to qualify to have their cases adjudicated through the drug court system. Candidates must be lawful U.S. residents, age 17 or older and have a well-documented substance abuse problem. 

A previous felony conviction doesn’t automatically disqualify a defendant from participating in the drug court system. It’s up to the Forsyth County District Attorney Office’s discretion to decide whether you may ultimately be eligible to participate in this accountability court program. They may only allow defendants charged with certain felony drug offenses to participate in it.

There are some immediate disqualifiers for Forsyth county’s drug court program. Any defendant who has multiple convictions on their record, especially for violent offenses or drug distribution or trafficking, may not qualify to participate in this type of accountability court system. Illegal immigrants and those with untreated or severe mental illness may also be unable to participate in this program. 

The stakes are high when you’re facing drug charges. You’re likely looking at significant fines and time in prison if you’re convicted of such crimes here in Cumming. The best thing you can do to give yourself the best chance of seeing freedom anytime soon is to consult with a drug possession attorney. Your lawyer can review your case’s details and advise you of your rights under both Georgia and U.S. law.

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