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Possession of drugs like heroin is still a serious offense in Georgia 

Although much of the nation has relaxed its stance on some kinds of drug possession, some substances can still lead to severe consequences. The state of Georgia is known for its harsh response to those possessing any illegal substances. When it comes to hard drugs like heroin, prosecutors aggressively pursue a conviction.

If you are arrested for heroin possession, you can expect the authorities to come after you hard. In our state, having any amount of heroin is a felony offense and four grams or more of the substance may even mean additional charges. Without a good defense, you may face serious penalties such as:

  • Two to 15 years of imprisonment for a first possession offense
  • Five to 30 years of imprisonment for subsequent possession offenses

If your charges include the sale or trafficking of heroin, you may face jail terms like those above as well as fines of between $100,000 and $500,000. You need an advocate experienced in defending against conviction if you are arrested for drug possession. 

We want you to also understand that you can defend yourself in the face of heroin possession charges. Depending on the details of your alleged crime, some of the defenses you might wish to explore with an experienced attorney include:

  • The drugs in question belonged to another party
  • Law enforcement conducted an illegal search and seizure, which violated your constitutional rights
  • The drugs were lost by the authorities
  • A crime lab analysis revealed that the substance was not heroin

Do not leave your situation to chance upon an arrest for drug possession. You will fare much better by actively defending yourself against these charges. Please continue reading our website for additional information about the value of a sound defense.