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Yes, people still go to jail for marijuana possession

| Aug 14, 2020 | Drug Possession |

Georgia residents may find the Peach State’s marijuana laws confusing. Though the state does issue medical cards to qualified patients, many find it difficult to access their medication. The law is not lenient when it comes to marijuana possession, and people caught with even a small amount can wind up in big trouble. 

If a person is found with marijuana and other prescription drugs, he or she can be charged with drug crimes. This is true even if the individual has a prescription for the items in his or her possession. Recently, a young Georgia man was stopped by police and learned this fact the hard way. 

Police say the man attempted to give a name that was not his own when questioned. Allegedly, police found marijuana and a prescription pain killer on his person, reportedly hidden in his clothing. He was charged with drug crimes, including a charge for not having prescription drugs in the original pharmacy container. He was taken to jail and was unable to post bond. 

If a Georgia resident has a court date coming up for crimes related to marijuana possession, he or she will want to prepare a solid defense. The law can seem tricky to understand, but the good news is that professional help in the form of an experienced attorney can make a big difference. An attorney can help a client prepare a defense that emphasizes the fact that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed, and use evidence and solid facts to help a client aim for a favorable verdict in court.

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