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Drug crimes lead to murder charges

When Georgia residents hear the words “drug dealers,” they may imagine tough-looking gangsters lurking in dark alleyways. In reality, it may be impossible to spot a drug dealer because many are just regular people, and some even have children, a nice home and a regular 9-5 day job. The same can be said for drug users, as many ordinary people struggle with substance abuse in secret. Recently, an arrest for drug crimes turned into a murder charge.

A few months ago, investigators found the body of a young mother lying dead close to her small child. The cause of death was determined to be fentanyl toxicity. Fentanyl was developed to help people stop using other drugs, like heroin, but has become a commonly abused street drug that can be fatal if not administered in a proper dose by a medical professional.

Police were able to track down the individuals who sold the drugs to the young mother. They had already been charged with drug crimes, but when the woman passed away, a murder charge was added. Investigators say the woman purchased heroin and was not aware it was laced with the powerful drug fentanyl, which directly caused her death upon ingestion.

When a Georgia resident faces charges for drug crimes, he or she may be fearful that the outcome will ruin his or her life. Fortunately, a person accused of any crime is innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of proof lies squarely on the prosecution. A local defense attorney can be a powerful ally when it comes time to face the court, and he or she can help a client work through the legal process to aim for the best possible outcome, with a verdict that reflects the facts proven by solid evidence.