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Tips for drama-free wills preparation

| Jul 8, 2020 | Wills Preparation |

Parents often find themselves thinking about their growing family’s future. When day-to-day life is hectic, it is common for parents to put off long-term projects that feel overwhelming because keeping up with day-to-day tasks is difficult enough. Serious matters like wills preparation might fall to the wayside because the mere thought of the drama and disagreements that might arise between family members is exhausting. Georgia parents may be able to breathe a bit easier with these simple estate planning tips

When children are young, they likely do not consider how a parent’s assets may be divided among siblings in the event of death. As adults, it can cause contention, especially because many parents update their will when children reach adulthood. Sometimes, adult siblings cannot agree on serious matters, like whether a family home should be sold. Wills preparation can remove the stress for the entire family and protect adult siblings from infighting. 

Creating a detailed overview of assets and liabilities can help ensure everyone is on the same page. Some things to include are insurance policies, investments or bank accounts. It is a good idea to include log-in information for accounts that can be accessed online to make management easier. When this task is complete, a family meeting may be in order. A parent can explain his or her reasoning behind beneficiary decision-making and ensure that someone knows how to access important documents and account information. 

Choosing the right attorney to assist with wills preparation can be key. A knowledgeable Georgia attorney can help a client feel confident that his or her estate plan is legally solid, removing the guesswork for beneficiaries. Far from the dreaded task many anticipate, estate planning can be a simple, drama-free process with a bit of preparation and a reliable professional to lend a hand. 

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