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Self medication and drug crimes

Mental health issues are an ongoing problem across the country, and many Georgia residents are among the thousands of Americans that are suffering without the benefit of medical treatment. Often, health care professionals can provide answers for the symptoms an individual is experiencing, but many people have trouble accessing applicable treatment options. A recent study focused on the different reasons that men and women turn to illegal drugs, which places them at risk of being charged with drug crimes

The results of the study suggest that men often turn to illegal drugs in an attempt to fit in with peers, while women typically do so to ease personal suffering. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues that can affect an individual’s daily life are commonly treated with pharmaceutical remedies. Some people accused of drug crimes turned to using drugs as a means of self medicating.

Even a person that has never used illegal drugs may now turn to the black market in an attempt to treat a mental illness or physical pain. For example, business closures have resulted in thousands of Americans losing their jobs, and the loss of a job can mean the loss of medical insurance. Without insurance coverage, a person may not be able to afford the prescriptions a doctor writes. Some people turn to illegal drugs that they believe have similar effects, or even obtain prescription drugs illegally. 

Unfortunately, self medicating can result in a person running afoul of the law, possibly being charged with drug crimes. In Georgia, an attorney can provide professional representation throughout the legal process. Our legal system guarantees the presumption of innocence to every person accused of a crime, and an experienced lawyer can help a client pursue the best possible result.