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Annual campaign cracks down on traffic violations

According to Georgia police, there is less traffic on the road this summer than there has been in recent years. This may be partly due to business closures and travel restrictions that are affecting much of the nation. Drivers may assume that less traffic is a good thing, but an annual campaign to crack down on traffic violations aims to prove otherwise. 

For the fourth year in a row, Operation Southern Shield kicked off in late July. This annual campaign is an effort by law enforcement, which focuses on pulling over drivers who are speeding or breaking other traffic laws. Georgia police claim that statistics show a marked increase in fatal accidents when speed is a factor. 

Police acknowledge that there is less traffic on the roads this summer but warn that this is leading to even more frequent and dangerous episodes of speeding. They feel that many drivers assume that less cars on the road means it is safer to drive at higher speeds, and they may disregard traffic laws. Police have warned that this campaign is a show of force to remind drivers in the Peach State that officers are out actively seeking traffic violations. 

An effort to reduce fatal accidents may not sound like a bad idea, but it also leads to an increased number of citations issued for traffic violations. If a driver feels that a citation was issued unfairly, or the details of a ticket are not accurate, he or she may want to fight the ticket. In many cases, an attorney can help a client dispute a citation and aim for a favorable outcome in traffic court.