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Wills preparation is a job for a legal professional

Recent events may have given Georgia residents cause to pause and think about their need to make sure they have a last will and testament in place. Life is always uncertain, and the thought of leaving loved ones to deal with legal and financial matters upon passing is something no one wants to do. Wills preparation may seem like something to put off for another day, but making sure all the ducks are in a row is just a loving way to show children and family members that care has been taken on their behalves. 

Everyday people may wonder what should be included in a will. Contrary to popular belief, a person that does not have a large portfolio of financial assets should still have a will. The loss of the family breadwinner can seriously burden even families of modest means if legal matters are not handled ahead of time. 

If a person with minor children passes away without a will that appoints a guardian of the parent’s choosing, the courts will appoint a guardian upon the death of the parents. This is a choice many parents would prefer to make themselves to ensure orphaned children will be taken care of by someone they love, trust and are comfortable with if the parents die or become incapacitated. A will can also name the person or persons that are responsible for distributing an individual’s physical belongings upon his or her passing. This will save family members the burden of having to decide who gets what special item, heirloom or other items of physical property. 

These are only a few of the things a Georgia resident will have to consider when making a will. Fortunately, there is always the option to call an attorney who has experience with wills preparation. An attorney can help make the process streamlined and even enjoyable. A client can ensure that everything is taken care of in terms of estate planning so that he or she can get back to enjoying life with loved ones.