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Woman accused of theft demands attorney

Georgia residents may have shopped in a store that has a self-checkout lane, a small kiosk that allows a shopper to scan his or her own purchases rather than wait in line for a cashier. These registers usually provide prompts to make sure items ring up properly and a feature to call for help if an attendant is needed. Recently, one woman was accused of theft after using such a checkout lane. 

Georgia police say they were called to a Target store when employees suspected a woman had used one of these kiosks to steal. Employees say the woman appeared to ring up each item, place it in the bag and pay for her order. She left the store with a cart full of goods and a receipt. When asked to show her receipt to security, she allegedly had a receipt that showed nothing but jars of children’s toy modeling dough instead of the various items in her bags. 

As she exited the store, police made contact. When asked to furnish her receipt, she cooperated but could not explain why the items in her bags did not match her receipt. Allegedly, police noticed another barcode tag protruding from the woman’s purse. Officers suspected it may have been the tag from the toy dough, and that the woman may have scanned the tag for the inexpensive toy rather than the correct tags on each item she purchased. They attempted to grab the tag from her purse, and she immediately demanded a lawyer. 

When a person is accused of shoplifting or retail theft in Georgia, asking to speak to an attorney may be wise. When a person realizes he or she is being accused of a crime, it can be a good idea to have a professional ally that knows the law. In this case, the accused woman asked for an attorney after officers attempted to go through her purse without specifying if they had a search warrant. An attorney can stand by a client throughout the legal process, making sure that his or her rights are protected. An accusation is not an indication of guilt, and an attorney can help present a solid defense in a court of law and question the tactics used by law enforcement if appropriate.