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Woman accused of shoplifting over $500 in merchandise

There are certain crimes that many people assume are not a big deal to have listed on their record. Often, if the crime was not one that involved violence, people accused assume that the impact on their life will be minimal. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many seemingly innocuous offenses. For example, shoplifting seems like a harmless crime, but it can still carry significant punishment with prosecution and have a long-lasting impact even after a person has served time. One woman here in Georgia may want to consider her strategy for criminal defense after she was arrested for shoplifting from a Target store.

Authorities claim that the woman stole more than $500 worth of various products. They say that she used the bar code of a container of Play-Doh multiple times at a self-checkout register, bagging the other items instead. A cashier became suspicious, claiming he’d caught her trying to use this same tactic on another occasion and he decided to call police. 

Police say that when they arrived, they confronted the woman in the parking lot. They say she showed them a receipt that listed numerous tubs of Play-Doh, but didn’t have any on her person. They arrested her for felony shoplifting and she is currently out on bond.

People facing shoplifting charges may make the mistake of assuming that conviction will not significantly affect their lives. However, shoplifting and other theft crimes can carry significant jail time, fines and probation. That is not even to mention how conviction may prevent them from obtaining future employment or a loan. Those accused of these types of crimes will want to consider utilizing an experienced criminal defense attorney here in Georgia. That may give them the best chance at fair treatment from the judicial system.