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Police warn speeding tickets are still being issued

Georgia drivers are getting used to roads with less traffic since many schools, businesses and public buildings remain closed. Less traffic may seem like a silver lining, but drivers should pay extra close attention to the speed limit. Without a line of vehicles in front and behind, a driver may not realize he or she is speeding. 

Georgia police report that some drivers have recently been clocked travelling at over 100 mph. Though traffic patrol officers may appear to have a decreased presence, tickets for triple digit speeds are up over 30% from last year. Officers are still pulling people over for speeding, and they report issuing over 600 speeding tickets in one weekend. This does not include tickets that may have been issued by local police or other law enforcement entities. 

Drivers should do their best to focus on the road even though daily life has become stressful. New rules and regulations are affecting employment, education, recreation and household organization. With less cars on the road, police are more likely to notice a vehicle that appears to be speeding, and since courts remain closed, traffic cases may not be heard for months. 

Since police are admittedly on the prowl for traffic violations, a Georgia driver may feel like he or she was given a ticket for a violation for which he or she is not comfortable pleading guilty. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can still help. An attorney can discuss a ticket with a client via video chat or another method that adheres to social distancing guidelines and decide how to best present a solid defense against a speeding charge.