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Familiar face calls for changes to penalties for drug crimes

Georgia residents remember former governor Nathan Deal. Though his time serving the Peach State in public office has passed, he is still fighting for change on behalf of Georgia residents and the nation as a whole. He recently made headlines when he explained why he proposed changes to federal laws pertaining to the way drug crimes are prosecuted and penalized. 

Deal and his team have formed a task force to try to change some laws they say are outdated and unjust. The task force submitted a proposal asking for a list of changes to drug crimes laws, and it follows up each proposed change with reasoning and solid statistics. This is a bipartisan effort that hopes to change the way regular people accused of drug crimes are treated by the legal system. 

According to Deal, many people convicted of drug crimes face penalties justified by outdated laws. In many cases, a drug conviction leads to incarceration or another hefty sentence even if the crime was not a serious one. Worse still, many of these standard sentences have not been widely updated since the 1990s and do not take into account new research about the treatment and understanding of addiction, how socioeconomic issues may impact drug crimes in individual communities, the general scientific acceptance of the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes and other modern developments. 

While this news sounds promising, a Georgia resident may be facing charges for drug crimes right now. People in this situation should not panic and should bear in mind that an accusation is not an indication of guilt. It might be a good idea to consult an experienced attorney to help prepare a solid defense for court. An attorney can help a client stay abreast of current laws that pertain to his or her case and work toward a favorable verdict in a court of law.