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Wills preparation during a crisis

Georgia residents are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, but it can be difficult to find accurate answers to important questions. People must stay up-to-date about a wide range of topics, and regulations vary by state and may change daily. An average adult may have to get used to business closures, limited hours and shortages at stores, not to mention their children trying to finish the school year online. The serious health risk has also led to a surge in people needing information about wills preparation, and many are confused by search results. 

A major news outlet has compiled some pertinent information to help with the process. Making a will is not just a good idea for those that are elderly or seriously ill. Especially when a widespread pandemic is affecting people of all ages, it may be beneficial for any adult, especially if he or she has children. Having a last will and testament in place will ensure that children and other designated beneficiaries are provided for and do not have to try to sort out things like final expenses, property and assets, or family heirlooms. 

Even though courthouses and notaries are closed to the public in many places, it might not be a good idea to settle for a quick fix. Though it is possible to prepare a will online, many people would rather have the assistance of a knowledgeable professional when completing such an important task. Online services may seem practical, but usually do not include a professional to provide guidance and advice. The good news is, where there’s a “will,” there’s a way. 

Georgia residents will be pleased to know that many attorneys are offering services that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Many lawyers can help a client with things like wills preparation remotely. An attorney may also have an easier time getting the job done and notarized in a timely fashion, and a client can breathe a bit easier knowing the matter has been handled properly.