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Charges related to drug crimes can carry serious consequences

Perhaps it started with Georgia law enforcement banging on the door, or it may have started with flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Regardless of how it began, the feeling of dread is often the same. Law enforcement officers apparently concluded that something illegal has occurred, and they are intent upon finding out. Depending upon the situation, these events may lead to the individual being charged with one or more drug crimes.

Georgia law enforcement recently executed a search warrant on one home, which resulted in the arrest of five individuals. After searching the home, officers claim to have discovered marijuana, cocaine and pills along with packaging materials and a variety of firearms. Each individual has been charged with a variety of drug crimes, including possession and possession with intent to distribute.

In this situation, each individual will want experienced legal counsel working on his behalf. There are a number of questions such as what led to the search warrant in the first place, were the substances found actually proven to be illegal drugs and was the accused involved in any illegal activity or simply a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The answers to these questions along with other relevant evidence will aid in determining the best course of action for the individual.

When anyone in Georgia finds him or herself faced with flashing lights or officers banging on the front door claiming that the individual is guilty of drug crimes, experienced legal counsel can be invaluable. At this point, the individual’s freedom and reputation may be at risk. There are often numerous details which need to be considered prior to answering to the charges in a criminal courtroom.