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Traffic stop leads to accusations of drug crimes

Getting pulled over by the police can be a nerve-wracking experience. Sometimes even experienced drivers panic a bit and behave in a way that may seem suspicious. If police suspect a driver is hiding something or is perhaps under the influence, they may take action beyond writing a traffic ticket. A young man from Georgia, now accused of drug crimes, is facing these circumstances. 

According to reports, a 21-year-old Georgia man was driving, accompanied by two other persons of similar age. Police allege they witnessed an equipment violation on his vehicle and decided to conduct a traffic stop. Purportedly, the driver did not immediately pull over, but police caught up with the vehicle shortly thereafter. Officers decided to search the vehicle, and claim to have found illegal drugs and a firearm that did not legally belong to any of the occupants. 

Law enforcement did not give much detail as to why they decided to search the car. In addition to charges for drug crimes, all three occupants in the vehicle were accused of other illegal activity. Soon, each person charged will have to appear in court and present a criminal defense. 

A looming court date can make things very stressful. A person accused of drug crimes in Georgia may want to consider hiring an experienced and compassionate attorney to help prepare and present a solid defense. An accusation is a far cry from a guilty verdict, and a person facing charges may feel more at ease with a professional on board to ensure the individual’s rights are protected through each step of the legal process.