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Teen arrested for traffic violations after crash

When teens get into trouble, many try and explain why it was not their fault. One Georgia teen has a lot of explaining to do after he was involved in accident that may not have even been his fault. Nevertheless, he was arrested for traffic violations following a fatal crash. 

The teen was driving behind another car and was followed by a man on a motorcycle. The car in front of the teen slowed for traffic. The teen swerved to the adjacent lane to avoid rear-ending the slowed vehicle. The man on the motorcycle then struck the first vehicle and, thereafter, the teen’s car. The biker did not survive the crash. 

During the initial on-scene investigation, police gathered information from the drivers involved. They claim they discovered that the teen was driving without a valid license. Even though he may not have been at fault for the accident and was himself struck by the motorcycle, he was arrested at the scene of the crash and charged for driving without a license. 

A teen that is charged with traffic violations may not entirely understand why he or she is in trouble, though any time a fatal accident occurs there is obviously a lot at stake. When a court date is approaching, a Georgia family may want to make sure a teen has a knowledgeable ally for the coming legal proceedings. With a possible wrongful death claim in the future, what happens concerning the charge of driving without a license may take on added significance.