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Reckless driving on I-285 necessitated partial shut down

When a person here in Georgia is arrested for a charge related to a driving offense, he or she may assume that a fine or jail time may be the only result. However, those who face charges for traffic violations may not be aware that the effects of conviction can be far-reaching across multiple aspects of a person’s life. This is precisely why it is important for those charged with traffic violations to ensure that they consider their criminal defense strategy. This is what two men may be facing after they were arrested for reckless driving after police say that multiple people shut down part of I-285 to perform driving tricks.

According to police, the incident happened on a recent evening when multiple people gathered in the airport runway tunnel portion of I-285. Drivers were allegedly performing dangerous driving stunts, such as “drifting.” They also stand accused of shutting down that part of the interstate to engage in these activities.

Two men were arrested in connection with the incident. They are both accused of driving vehicles and performing stunts. They have been charged with racing on highways or streets, reckless driving and more. Police also say that there is camera footage of the events and that they are working to find more of the offenders in the video. 

The criminal charges these men face could be just the beginning for them. If they are found guilty and end up serving jail time or paying fines, they will still have to contend with the potential effects on their future. Those convicted of reckless driving may have difficulty obtaining employment or securing a loan, which can significantly impact their lives. It is important for anyone in a similar situation here in Georgia to consider their options for criminal defense to facilitate the best possible outcome.